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Pentadbiran Tanah Johor

Section 5 of the National Land Code 1965 - Every registered owners of the land or representatives on its behalf is responsible to pay the quit rent.

Section 94 of the National Land Code 1965 - Quit rent imposed shall be paid at the beginning of the calendar year i.e. January 1 to May 31 each year. The quit rent that is not paid after May 31 will be outstanding for the year.

Late penalty will be charged if payment of quit rent paid after May 31st. Late Penalty rate of 20% will be calculated on the outstanding quit rent with a minimum rate of RM2.00. Quit rent tax is payable only ONE (1) TIME EACH YEAR.

Section 100 of the National Land Code 1965 - If not paid by the date specified, Notice of Claim (Notice 6A) will be issued for a fee of RM20.00 per notice. If not settled within 3 months from the date of referral notice, action to SEIZE the land will be taken. The maximum penalty is six times the value of the quit rent arrears may apply for redeeming the land.

Revision of title can be made using the following search options:

    1. 1) Search via Identification Card Number/Business Registration Number.
      2) Search through ID Lot Number
      3) Search through ID Title Number

  • * Example of ID Title Number : 010204XX00007777
  • * When entering the search information refer to the position of the code as follows:
    1. * District Code: 02 (010204XX00007777)
      * Locality Code: 40 (010204XX00007777)
      * Type of title: XX (010204XX00007777)
      * ID Title Number: 00007777 (010204XX00007777)

  • If you have a problem to print the receipt and would like to re-print a receipt, please proceed to the nearest District Land Office after 2 days payment is made. An additional fee will be charged for the new receipt.

  • Please make the quit rent payment on or before 31st of May every year. Late penalty will be charged from 1 June of each year.

  • payments can be made on-line (please visit JOHOR E-PAYMENT PORTAL ), cash, credit/debit cards local, check, bank draft, money order, postal order payable to the LAND ADMINISTRATOR (where payment is made).

  • Click for the list of the Land & Mines office administrator